Natural Selection Nature Photography
By Mark J. Thomas
Artist's Statement

Mark J. Thomas

I am a full-time professional photographer specializing in the wonders of wildlife and nature. My entire creative process occurs within my heart and eye first, and then within the camera itself, not within the confines of the darkroom or computer. I draw upon my artistic knowledge of light, color, texture, shape, and composition, my technical skills with the tools of my trade, as well as my intimate knowledge and love of my subjects themselves to capture and form my visions on film.

Once I have made all of the creative and technical decisions and have decided to trip the shutter, my artwork has been formed. The printing of my images is done either directly by me, or under my direct supervision with one imperative to match my original slide, my vision, exactly! I print my work photographically, not through "ink-jet" methods. Each piece displayed is an exact, true representation of what I placed on the original piece of film.

Once printed, I then personally mount each print on foam-core or other high-quality backing board, double mat with acid-free matting, and hand sign every piece that I display to insure its quality.

The digital technologies now available offer exciting, new creative outlets to photographers. While some choose to manipulate their images, I currently use this technology only to repair damaged film and not to alter the images themselves. Although I enjoy experimenting in the digital arena, none of the work I display at my exhibitions is computer enhanced. Unfortunately, there is a serious a problem of misrepresentation in photography today. Some photographers computer manipulate their work and then fail to disclose this to the public. Some go as far as tell the public an image is a true photograph when it has obviously been enhanced. I currently have no plans to display any manipulated images. But if I ever do, you can be certain that any enhanced images will be clearly represented as such as there is no room for deceit in my art.

I feel that it is my deep love and understanding of nature that is the overriding inspiration throughout my entire creative process. This helps me see and feel my subjects in a way few others are able. I believe my list of photo credits including, National Geographic, National Wildlife, The Audubon Society, The Sierra Club, Nature's Best, World Wildlife Fund, Florida Wildlife, and countless other publishers from around the world will confirm this. 

Nature is my passion, and through my photography I hope to share this passion with the world.

                                                                                  - Mark J. Thomas - 

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